How to armor your post-apocalyptic minifigs’ shoulders

Big, bulky shoulder armor can certainly contribute to a minifig’s overall ApocaLEGO look, but attaching helmets is difficult and limits the minifig’s arm movement and poseability.

Austin S (MOCpages) has figured out the perfect combination of bulked-up armor and range of movement by using the old Rock Raiders helmet:

Cool. Off to try this on my own figs…

6 comments on “How to armor your post-apocalyptic minifigs’ shoulders

  1. Shadowviking

    I did that too… ;_;
    Nah, this is wicked. I’d attached them the other way around which still limited movement, leaving the face openings downward like that is genius! :D

  2. Austin__S

    Scott, it isn’t to complex. No Pieces are required except the torso and the helmets. It takes a bit of force, but all you have to do is push the helmets on at the correct angle. The only problem is that not many helmets fit on the minifig’s head once the shoulder armor is on.
    Thanks for commenting,

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