Doctor Sinister’s daughter insists on Aladdin and the Lamp

And what Doctor Sinister‘s daughter wants, Doctor Sinister‘s daughter gets:

That genie is genius. If you had three LEGO wishes, what would you wish for?

8 comments on “Doctor Sinister’s daughter insists on Aladdin and the Lamp

  1. Jack

    1. Own lots and lots of more LEGO Nazis from LEGO Indiana Jones. (I’m making a few adventue brickfilms, I’ll need all that I can get.)
    2. Make the coolest adventure brickfilms ever made that went to the big screen.
    3. Become the CEO of LEGO.
    Yeah…. that’s about it.

  2. Ean

    1. A machine (or magic wand, or genie, or whatever) allowing me to convert parts of any color into any other color.
    2. Good Bionicle sets.
    3. A cupboard of the sort in “The Indian in the Cupboard” with which to turn my minifigs and pantsbots and spaceships and whatnot into real people and the like.

  3. Rocko

    1. More female minifig torsos with boobs.
    2. More variety of inverted slopes.
    3. Go swimming in a pool of 1×1 round plates.

  4. Littlebrick

    1. Have all the Lego sets that have ever, or will ever come out, 1000 times over.
    2. Have a place to store all those bricks close by that automatically sorts them.
    3. Be the best in all brickfilming aspects, and that covers set design too ;)

    On a non-lego related note, I’d like to have the best software and hardware available to Brickfilmers, and free updates for all that stuff too.

  5. Bret

    Infinite lego bricks of every variety to date, carefully stored in an organized extradimensional plane, with voice access to gain access to the parts, and storage space for full creations.
    2) A functional Aaron Stack personalitied AI brick.
    3) The ability to instantly gain mental full instructions for any creation I’ve seen at will.

  6. Groovybones

    1) the ability to clone a certain set as many times I please (swarm of x-wings…?)
    2) a machine that gives the exact piece I need when I need it
    3) Lego creating more Star Wars Animal mounts and Aliens (Bith, Mon Calamari, Bothan, Nemoidian, tauntaun, Reek, Acklay etc…)

  7. JimmytheJ

    1) to be blogged at least once (please?)
    2) to have some armies cobbled together for brikwars (check out the website-remember there’s no ‘c’) with vehicles ( some of them big, with treads)
    3) more cat-bricks and characters to be made, and added to my collection

    oh, and I wanna be a lego set designer, concept artist, or something like that one day. And I will at some point make a webcomic, but that isn’t exactly wish material.

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