Johnny 5 robot from Short Circuit

Inspired and influenced by Steven Marshall’s Johnny 5 robot from the movie Short Circuit, Brickshelf user rack911 has constructed an equally amazing model of Johnny 5. Check out the gallery for some cool mechanical detail pictures.

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  1. legovaughan

    It’s a great model, but images at 2560×1920 pixels? Just another of the reason I no longer visit Brickshelf. Come on, it’s not hard to resize JPGs, please!

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  3. rack911

    hi..dear steven marshall :
    your johnny 5 in bs is a very great model. i build the model is according to your orignial model. your johnny 5 inspirit me. the arm and the battery on the back is very great design.

  4. Nannan Post author

    I’ve edited the blog entry a bit now that I have more info from the builder. Well done both of you who’ve made the Johnny 5.

  5. Will Meitzler

    He’s a SAINT- Strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport. And worth $$$5million$$$

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  7. someone who is much more important than you but doesn't want to put thier real name "Mclovin"

    What is that big red brick sticking out of it’s back?

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  9. Bengoshi-San

    This is an absolutely amazing piece of work.

    If anyone can send me instructions.. I would be very greatful!

    Thanks guys. I’m posting this up on my blog too (credited of course). Way too cool!


    Hey Steven Marshall,

    Can i bother you with instructions for your awesome version of johnny 5? :)


  11. Bengoshi-San

    I cant find a way to e-mail you, what is your e-mail addy?

    you can send me the instructions at if you wouldn’t mind.

    :) I’m going to go to the lego store and get some bricks and make a custom color johnny five :D

  12. Andrew

    Okay, to all of you who’ve asked for instructions… :)

    Most LEGO builders simply build to create something for themselves (and share it with the world), and don’t provide instructions. Creating instructions is very time-consuming, and some people who’ve done so have been burned in the past by having their instructions or designs sold on places like eBay without their permission.

    Both Steven and rack911 are good examples of builders who’ve looked at someone else’s design, figured out how to recreate it (without instructions!), and done so extremely well. Steven has built homages to a car designed by the Arvo brothers, and of course rack911 has built Steven’s Johnny 5.

    If you’re interested in recreating a design you see here on The Brothers Brick, I’d strongly encourage you just to break out your box of bricks and start playing around. :-D

  13. Joe

    THAT’S RAD!!!

    I can’t wait for the new Short Circuit. Johnny Five is the best! That Wall-e looks like a cheap rip-off… I also just got a copy of Short Circuit on Blu-Ray. The sound and picture quality is sooo amazing!!! It was like being a kid again and watching it for the first time in theaters.

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  15. Oddy

    Man ppl do crazy things with lego but JOHNNY-5 has to top Everything

    “I’m okay-kay, just a few biddly-biddly Bugs Bunny to work out in out in! Perfectly functionality, functionality!”


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