Enormous LEGO Technic F-14 Tomcat by Jeroen Ottens

Jeroen Ottens‘ brother Maarten sends word of Jeroen’s massive F-14 Tomcat, built entirely from LEGO Technic elements:

Although this plane isn’t new, it’s new to Flickr, and noteworthy because it helped get Jeroen a job as a LEGO Technic set designer. Indeed, the open framework and functionality are reminiscent of official sets, though the scale is off the charts.

(And besides, one brother suggesting another brother’s creation for The Brothers Brick is sure to win our hearts.)

5 comments on “Enormous LEGO Technic F-14 Tomcat by Jeroen Ottens

  1. Maarten

    It’s perhaps not new as a concept, but it is finally finished. My brother is kind of a perfectionist, indeed it got him a job at Lego, but now three kids and a new job later he finally finished it to his own standards. His question: what to build now?

    And thanks to the Brothers for posting.

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