LEGO Agents 8634 Turbo Car Chase [Review]

Eurobricks member Deinonychus has a comprehensive review of 8634 Turbo Car Chase that we’ve not yet featured here. Like the other sets in the theme, there’s tons of new and interesting pieces. The car is especially notable because it’s covered in metallic silver pieces, making it one “slick little honey of a LEGO car.”

6 comments on “LEGO Agents 8634 Turbo Car Chase [Review]

  1. Rocko

    While I do like several Agents sets, this one seems pretty weak. Not that many parts I’m interested in, especially for the price.

  2. Louise

    It’s excellent for spacers, though — silver cheese and curvy slopes. And a klaxion sound brick for that “opening the pod bay doors” feel.

    The price might be an issue though. Just gotta wait for it to be available over here in Blighty.

  3. David

    That is one of the ugliest helicopters Lego has ever made.

    But the silver bricks are cool.

  4. Peter

    “The action feature of the aircraft is the wench system. This is very different then other LEGO wenches in that you build the entire mechanism and housing.”

    Laughed my butt off reading this review. Spelling counts, and this is a good reason why! (Why the then/than confusion I see so much?)

    This set is gonna rule, though. I’m glad the winch is brick built, and I didn’t know about the little alarm brick. Nice review.

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