The desert fortress of the Calrissians

In Rocko‘s desert landscape there stands a fortress defended by a band of people known as … (wait for it) … Calrissians:

Click the pic for Flickr, or check out lots more in Rocko’s Brickshelf gallery, where you’ll find the usual jokes and Easter eggs.

Not content to take a crack at just one world religion, Rocko takes on at least one more with his trademark irreverence, reminding everyone, “When the Rapture comes, don’t forget your monkey.”

No matter your religious affiliation, you gotta admire the sun, the floating figs, and sense of perspective from the microscale buildings below.

6 comments on “The desert fortress of the Calrissians

  1. Robert Gurskey

    Keeping the walkway clear of sand is a full time job! Where’s the spanking?

  2. Ramone

    Sorry Andrew, I should have specified–I meant the Calrissians. But I used the brickshelf link.

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