4536875 Vintage Minifigure Collection has me swooning [News]

Vintage minifigs in a pack! Showing up at LEGOLAND stores and confirmed by LEGO as the real deal:

Yes, that’s a reprinted Classic Space torso. Oh, and note the “Vol. 1” in the corner. Sweeeeeeeettt!!!

(Via Bricklink.)

25 comments on “4536875 Vintage Minifigure Collection has me swooning [News]

  1. Mainman

    Now that you mention it, I’m quite surprised there’s no castle figs in here. Too bad a castle one won’t have the really old-school helmets.

  2. SamuraiMoose

    I hope Vol 2 has a classic castle figure, pirate, and Blacktron figure in it :o

  3. Brick Eye

    Did anyone else notice that the helmet on the classic space fig is not the classic helmet? Other than that I am really excited about where this is going! I can see Lego doing an all space set, an all castle set, etc. Didn’t they used to do that way back in the day?

  4. Brick Eye

    I just noticed that they skipped 11 years between the 1981 firefighter and the 1992 “Octan” guy, that seems like an awefully big gap that had a lot of great figs…

  5. Dez

    Memories…. Funny thing is, the only one of these guys I’ve owned is the fire chief. And that was a thrift store find.

  6. David

    Seems stupid to me.

    They couldn’t make new torsos for the Space Factory sets because torsos cost too much, but they can for this? I think LEGO just lied to us about that like they did about the whole color change thing.

    Plus this will most likely cost $10-$12 which once again is way too much for just a few minifigures.

  7. yokomode01

    a nice package for collectors or display,
    though all of these fig’s are easily obtainable in their original form for a reasonably cost.
    As debated all over the interweb, i find the choice of fig’s to be a little questionable.
    Bring on the Paradisa females in further volumes of this series Lego® and you may just win my praise…..

  8. thwaak

    I’m with Yoko…it’s nice for collectors, but I don’t collect. *shrug* It’s not something I’ll probably end up getting, but I hope the real benefit to me is a sudden flood of say wild west or pirate figs on Bricklink which would drive the prices down.

    On the other hand, if they released a set of just pirate figs or wild west, then I’d be all over that kind of set.

  9. Norro

    At least someone agrees with me about the true place of Octan in lego lore…

    That fig was always a faviourite of mine!

    God Bless,


  10. Cap'n Pike

    $10-12 is optimistic I think. The 5 packs of skeletons or knights, minifigs that are current and not particularly collectible, sell for $18 where I live.

  11. wusmand

    Lol, if you put the fireman torso with Hitler’s(prisinor’s) head, you have a Nazi officer. Oh and the C-space helmet is wrong.

  12. David

    Yes, they haven’t made that helmet in 20-25 years.

    Pike, what country do you live in? The Castle minifigure sets are $12-$13 USD.

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  14. Cap'n Pike

    The castle figure sets are $17.99 here in Canada – even though $1 CAD = $1 USD these days. Same with all other lego -> $99 USD = $139 CAD. I asked a lego rep when it was going to be balanced and she said soon – but not the way we would like – US price were going to go up.

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