Raiders of San Francisco?

Now I want to build a Lego Boulder. If only I had 5 million bricks!

Via Kotaku and my cousin, Jeremy, who told me about it.

7 comments on “Raiders of San Francisco?

  1. Von Goyle

    I would sue them for the boulder. Yep, I’d load it up in my van and Project Mayhem a mall with it in the name of Nannan.

  2. Jai

    That video is equal parts of awesome hilarity and sickening irresponsibility.

    The boulder itself, of course, is just plain awesome.

  3. Capn Pike

    I’m not that impressed. It’s obviously not an “amateur” production if that means anything anymore. And the big boulder cannot be solid lego (if it’s lego at all) since it would weigh several tons and it obviously does not – in the video it is maneuvered easily by 4 people and it behaves like a large beach ball when it rolls.

    And it’s not that funny.

    I give it two big thumbs sideways. meh.

  4. Matt

    yeah someone let out that it was foam inside.

    actually this is quite interesting in that it appears to be a viral ad for Indiana Jones Legos. Perhaps the game, Perhaps the toys, but I gotta ask the question:

    Is LEGO now doing Viral Advertising? If so, Awesome!

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