Gundam Kyrios

Adrian Florea (Olog) is not only a great builders, but a diverse one as well. Check out this Gundam model of Gundam Kyrios, posing formidably on in an aerial stance. This work along with some others will be featured at a small exhibition of anime based MOCs at a japanese teahouse in Romania.

6 comments on “Gundam Kyrios

  1. Keith G

    You can’t stop Florea, you can only hope to contain him. This isn’t the style of mech I usually go in for, but this is eye candy.

  2. Nannan Post author

    Keith, I thought you used that same line for me, then again I should know that you recycle your boilerplate lines :D

  3. jpcreptilian

    This is the best lego gundam I’ve ever seen…
    Bonus points if it transforms like the one in the show.

  4. JAMUN

    Heya! i love that model theres definetly a big effect on style as well as what seems like stability too!! how do you kick off making lego mechs as i always pondered.

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