Mark Kelso’s Apocalypsis: A journey into darkness

Mark Kelso posted the story of the beginning of one man’s journey into the darkness. The pictures which feature actual LEGO goes beyond those of ordanary LEGO photographs. The editing casts an ethereal effect to the grandiose scenes depicted, and the story is worthy of reading as well. Follow the mysterious young man as he is lulled by an unknown force into the darkness of a cave buried inside the jungle. For those who enjoy a thought-provoking work, this is a rare treat.

4 comments on “Mark Kelso’s Apocalypsis: A journey into darkness

  1. Andrew

    The beautiful waterfall is just one of the many amazing things in this fantastic creation. This is easily one of my favorites of the year so far.

  2. Fred

    Wonderful unique stone formations! Detail is incredible. Note the small color changes in the water as the character heads into the cave. I don’t think those are there in earlier images. Lots of well done photoshop layering that really works for this application. Can’t wait for the next episode! New boiler plate?

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