Ah-choo! I think I’ve caught the Town bug.

Whether it’s the World War Z diorama I’m working on or the fact that I just finished building the amazing 10185 Green Grocer (favorite LEGO set of the year so far), I have increasing interest in LEGO Town creations.

This means I’m spending a lot more time on Brick Town Talk, an excellent LEGO blog about City and Town creations. I spent a couple hours there recently looking for (and finding) inspiration for future projects.

Particularly inspiring is Tom Snellen‘s large layout. Here are the two wonderful buildings featured on Brick Town Talk:

If you’re interested in trying your hand at LEGO Town, a good place to start may be the Building Tips section on LEGO.com, which includes several videos featuring Café Corner and Green Grocer designer Jamie Berard:

4 comments on “Ah-choo! I think I’ve caught the Town bug.

  1. Marc Nelson Jr.

    “the World War Z diorama I’m working on”

    Yes! The whole time I was reading that, all I could picture were the LEGO possibilities. I was hoping Keith Goldman would follow up on his Zombie Survival Guide scene, but I’m looking forward to your take.

  2. Roger

    Hey there!

    I’m glad more and more people are interested in CC style buildings.

    Anyways when you start making your own buildings, give us a call (ok an email), we are always looking forward to see new stuff.

  3. Brad

    I’ve been meaning to write a kudos letter to LEGO about the Green Grocer set. When I first received the box, my jaw dropped. I had seen pictures of the set and I knew what I was getting, but somehow all of it together was more than I expected (even before I opened it). I LOVE the set and it is quite easily in my top two (hard to say if I like the Rebel Blockade Runner more or less…), at least of what I actually own.

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