Steamy scenes

German builder Michael (Monteur) presents an amazing coalbase for refuelling his equally amazing steam trains. The coal is a simple yet effective technique and the model uses all sorts of cleverness to pack in the details. The selective use of studs is particularly refreshing.

Monteur's Coalbase

3 comments on “Steamy scenes

  1. Ramone

    Wow, that’s a lot o’ studs! Are the coal cars filled or are the studs sitting on top of a “shelf” (empty on the bottom)?

    If they are in deed full that guy should start taking donations!

  2. thwaak

    Magnificent work. I’m truly envious of such skill. And yes, there are loads of details in all aspects of this MOC that make it a real pleasure to view.

  3. model trains

    A clever layout on studs. This layout more so uses much of legos. You must have planned this very carefully. Great, pleasing to the eyes. :)

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