Impressive new SNOT technique by ImpreSariO

ImpreSariO recently posted this nice vignette featuring a monkey playing pranks on a bunch of golfers:

But what’s really unique about this vignette is the golf cart, which has a particularly ingenious SNOT (Studs Not on Top) building technique that connects the front wheels to the hood:

As Klocki points out, those are flex-tubes (which even hardcore purists must admit are okay to cut) inserted into the studs. Brilliant!

9 comments on “Impressive new SNOT technique by ImpreSariO

  1. Gambort

    Yeah quite a few people don’t cut them. I do but still consider it vaguely illegal as it is less than one stud length (I cut to integers). Takes all types ;)

  2. steven marshall (AKA) Steven1980

    I really don’t feel there’s anything wrong with cutting flex-tubes, I do this on most of my models. All this nonsense about purist, if Lego company can make custom strickers why can’t we do this as well? Remember back in the old days ……when I was a lad sat down t’ mines opening & closing doors …on those old technic set you had to cut pneumatics tubes as they were all one length, for me it’s just the same with flex-tube…….get the scissors out !!!!!!

  3. DonSolo

    Um, not quite Derek… the example above is the rigid tube, 1 bar thickness, inside a hollow stud. You’ve got the rubbery hose around the underside of plates. Not at all related. Sorry!

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