Cave racing, across the universe

As has been previously blogged here I made a cave racer and asked Jas Nagra to make a variant. As a few people expressed interest in doing their own I posted a couple more and marked the blue one with the design criterion. Well it is now developing into a little league with various racers popping up so I created a flickr group to collect the racers.

EDIT: Some clearer guidelines

Cave Racer montage

12 comments on “Cave racing, across the universe

  1. Dunechaser

    All good building trends deserve a Flickr group of their own, and this is indeed a good trend. My favorites so far are your flaming Art Deco racer and Tim’s Italian racer.

  2. Von Goyle

    Hang Racing… very fast… very dangerous… Only the truly brave or villainous place their fates behind these machines. Only Death rides behind them… cue dramatic music.

  3. Von Goyle

    It took April Fools Day to get me to reply to ANYTHING online. That reply was on Brothers Brick, now, I have to say, I have been inspired to build because of a posting and I’ll have something to add to this genre before the week is out I promise.

  4. DekoPuma

    These are pretty cool looking, I might have to try it sometime. Steampunk though? Seems a bit of a stretch to categorize them as such.

  5. Gambort Post author

    DekoPuma> I agree it’s a bit of a stretch to call them steampunk but for want of a better category I figured it fit enough. Steampunk encompasses quite a broad range of aesthetics.

  6. ThePaleMan

    I really can’t believe how my little contest has rocketed off and spawned all these little variations. They just keep getting more creative and more colorful. It is really kind of flattering to me, so I can only imagine how cool it must be for you.


  7. Gambort Post author

    Yeah it’s pretty amazing. I had a suspicion it might after Jas’ was so well received but wasn’t quite prepared for what went next, even before I blogged it. Thanks so much for giving me the idea in the first place.


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