Custom desert camo Tumbler by Brent Waller

It’s not often we feature LEGO that’s been painted to achieve the builder’s intended effect. But occasionally, like Jamie’s Dardenbahst, a customized creation rises above the rest and gets my grudging vote of approval. ;-)

Check out Brent Waller‘s rendition of the Batmobile “Tumbler” from Batman Begins:

New Paint Job

Because LEGO doesn’t make the pieces he needed in tan, Brent built the Tumbler in white and light gray, and then painted the pieces tan with vinyl dye. He then layered the camouflage on top of the tan paint. The end result of this labor-intensive process is the spot-on Tumbler you see above.

If the customized version isn’t your thing, here’s Brent’s black version:

Lego Batmobile Tumbler

6 comments on “Custom desert camo Tumbler by Brent Waller

  1. wusmand

    Lol, the newer colored one actually looks like it should be used for marines in Iraqu or those areas.

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