Rocko relaxes with the undead

So, after the zombie apocalypse, when humanity as we know it has ceased to exist, what do the victorious undead do? Kick up their heels in a gentlemen’s club, of course!

(The walking dead are simply pretending to be mindless drones as they tear apart our civilization. Clearly, once we’re out of the way, they’re capable of building a glorious society, as this diorama proves.)

10 comments on “Rocko relaxes with the undead

  1. Robert Gurskey

    I haven’t had any undead customers in The Rainbow Room, but I do have a skeleton dancer taking a shower downstairs.

  2. wunztwice

    Hmm, I dunno if ‘glorious’ exactly describes this civilization, and I don’t know why anyone would pretend that any real gentlemen would visit such an establishment…

    …But I’m not going to argue the fantastic work put into this!

  3. James

    I agree with the above post, nothing ‘glorious’ about this element of our civilization. But I’m sure you put that in for a reason…

  4. Jai

    For a civilization comprised entirely of walking skeletons, I’d say it IS pretty “glorious”. I never knew that they aspired to do anything but, you know, walk around and be henchmen, cannibals, or cannon fodder (Not mutually exclusive with “henchmen”, I know).

    I should probably keep the “Check out that rack of ribs!” and “Mm, big-boned women!” comments to myself.

  5. Repoort

    Yeah….pole dancer. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned one of the patrons getting a “boner” yet….

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