The Wall

As soon as I saw this, I fell in love with its straight lines, not to mention the myriad of colors.

What beauty! What surrealism!

That one brown brick just makes you think. Wow!

Update (April 2): April Fools!

5 comments on “The Wall

  1. Count Blockula

    Lame. So predictable. Everyone knows that the single brown brick is nothing but an even more pathetic dumbing down of the, IMO, overexposed mid 20th century post-modern / pseudo-contemporary secularization of Rothwell’s “If it’s poop I like it” dribble than even Marcus Poopsie’s work with poker-playing dogs on black velvet was. I mean, dude: sooooo not even worth mentioning. Had it been FOURTEEN brown bricks, however, then we’d be on to something.

  2. thwaak

    I think my esteemed colleagu……friend has failed to realize that one brown brick in combination with one dark grey brick is a triumph of art. It’s on par with the great wall works of Marquis Claude Vergennes, Comte D’Atrfout.

  3. Von Goyle

    If you put your nose to the screen and focus on the brown brick…. slowwwwwwly pulling yourself away from the screen…. focusing on just the brown brick…. pulling away from the screen sllloooowwwlyy…. focusing on the brown brick…
    after about a minute and a half, you’ll be across the room with burning eyes.
    Who says MOCs can’t trigger a physical response?

  4. wusmand

    To: The brothers-Brick
    Subject: Backrounds

    yOU mods you! You ppl should of put diff. backrounds for every picture, its pretty close to a giveaway

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