Reach for the sky!

There is something truly breath-taking about a tower. Perhaps it’s the struggle with gravity or maybe it’s just the ego-smashing experience of being dwarfed by something that stretches into the infinite reaches of the sky. Whatever the reason, towers are fun. This one is no exception.

Update (April 2): April Fools!

7 comments on “Reach for the sky!

  1. Von Goyle

    Man, I’ve been trying since 1983 to build up to that level. Once I get to, like, 5 bricks tall it all goes unstable and topples. Oh the injuries I’ve sustained.

  2. Doctor Sinister

    The bold and uncompromising use of old, stained LEGO bricks only adds to the artistic integrity of the piece – yes this is a tower that soars into the sky with hope for the future, but at the same time, for the residents within, it represents the shattered dreams of their youth and a meaningless life forever trapped in decaying lift shafts as the world moves onwards and upwards around them

    This is SO deep…bravo guys, bravo.

    Dr. S.

  3. Matthew

    Once, I built a tower 5 bricks taller! It almost fell over. I have it in a gold case on my dresser!

  4. Von Goyle

    I look up to the brave builders of the world who risk life and limb to construct towers 10 bricks and above, you are the anchor that holds engineering excellence here in our own cetury for all other ages to marvel at!

  5. wusmand

    I did this once, while inside the world trade center, but for some reason we had to evacuate and my tower fell appart!?

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