We probably don’t showcase Halo works here on The Brothers Brick often enough, but this one was crying out for attention. The moment I laid eyes on this masterpiece, I knew what it was.

If you don’t recognize it, you must have been living in a cave somewhere.

Update (April 2): April Fools!

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  1. Potsticker

    Oh man, that’s soooooooo awesome! I totally remember that part of the game. Keep up the good work, guys!

  2. Justin

    I’m going to have to disagree with btd and lalabox — this ‘bullshit’ is hilarious.

    Plus, you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to…

  3. legolemur

    Lighten up guys, they put some effort into thinking of a way to amuse us on April 1st. Just because YOU don’t think it’s funny doesn’t mean you should hate on them for trying.

  4. Count Blockula

    zomg!! I made a MOC today of Master Chief using two 2×2 green bricks. It so roxors!!

  5. Curtis

    I new something would be up, but this isn’t as clever as you could have been. Now if I woke up and checked my favorite lego blog now featuring MegaBlock models, that would have been crazy!

  6. Curtis

    So with that said, the day is not over. Milk it for all you’ve got! Let’s see some other Brick products! hah.

  7. Charlie Shaw

    Hahaha, I thought this was kind of weird until I scrolled down the page. The addictive additives was great.

  8. thwaak

    Personally, I have been having a great time reading these. Just the thing brighten my day!

    Thanks to all The Brothers Brick!

  9. Mastergongfu

    Ok at first I was like WTF!? Did they get hacked or something?

    But then I remembered. Great job guy’s!

  10. Sibley

    The texturing is pretty nice, but the color scheme seems more like a Homeworld rip-off and to be honest I’m getting pretty tired of that.

  11. ry

    You shouldn’t post stuff like this, guys, David doesn’t think it’s funny. Lego is serious business.

  12. Fazoom

    some folks act like they just heard starbucks switched to all decalf! shesh.

    “Humor. It is a difficult concept. It is NOT logical.”

  13. Tyson W.

    Oh, my god I can’t see what you don’t understand…
    This is one of the most inspirational creations i’ve ever seen here!
    Truly amazing; i mean the attention to detail, the perfect combination of colors. This is definitely a true masterpiece.
    Bravo guys, brav-o!

  14. Garth Danielson

    Isn’t that the stick for measuring how deep in the sh** you are. I think some of the other people stuck it in the wrong place. Gotta be careful. thanks for the laugh.

  15. DARKspawn

    What total disregard for respect of the fine, upstanding institution that is the LEGO fan community! You should know that adults who play with toys don’t take kindly to their beloved websites jumping on a bandwagon that has been rolling for many centuries before the internet was even a gleam in Vinton Cerf’s eye. Delete them from the RSS feed? I say this is not enough, I say rally your friends on your email list & spam this site with your discontent like it’s 1999! This is a democracy right? Well let’s make these commie zealots sorry they ever tried to make us laugh!

    …April Fools!

  16. "Big Daddy" Nelson


    Which one of the ‘Brothers’ actually built all of these MOCs??? (Them’s some dirty parts in there, man.)

    And to you hodads out there: Happy April, Fools.

  17. Ethan

    I would guess Josh built them if only by the photography. Also I don’t think you could resist putting a tentacle in there, though I wouldn’t mind seeing you write up a horror backstory for the second-to-last one!

  18. Nannan

    You’re right Ethan, Josh and Andrew were pretty much the only players involved in pulling of this stunt. I was busy to contribute to the excitement, but I hopefully put out something outrageous next year.

  19. Josh

    For the record, my kids built almost all of these. I have a 30lb tub of misc. basic brick that I told them to haul out. I explained the misson…build the ugliest things they could. They did. The only thing that was built in any kind of serious vein was the tower. It was built by my 18 month-old son, Leif. He didn’t understand the ugly part…but he did it anyway.

  20. Michael A. Joosten

    For the record, you guys are geniuses… the pieces of work are butt-ugly, of course, and the non-LEGO articles are little “meh”, but any regular reader of the forum who knows the sort of commentary you usually run on MOCs cannot help but be amused by your self-spoofing. The best part is the fact that it wasn’t just one post… but it kept going… and going… and going…

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  22. William Meitzler

    Hey guys, don’t forget young kids frequent this site, let’s keep the profanity down.

  23. Minus

    Haha, look at all the rage. “Don’t make me delete you from my RSS feed! HURR DEEERP!” It’s nice to clean out all the useless people every once in a while.

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