Flying high, into the wild blue yonder...

Check out this nifty little steampunk triplane.

Talk about swooshable!

Update (April 2): April Fools!

12 comments on “Flying high, into the wild blue yonder...

  1. Michael A. Joosten

    You guys are the best! I haven’t laughed this much in, well, quite some time…

    The recurrent orange bricks in these creations are what really make them for me. As if a melange of all the usual old colours wasn’t bad enough, you had to throw that in!

  2. Von Goyle

    I think Nnenn is writing as Richard Bachman on this one…. YOU CAN’T FOOL US NNENN!

  3. wusmand

    HEHE, Nnenn hasan’t posted, he must be cowering in a corner, embarrased at this awsome MOC, BOW DOWN NNENN! BOW DOWN!!

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