Mother Goose

As a practicing poet, I hold Mother Goose in the highest possible regard. I recently attended a reading by her, and the whole crowd of onlookers in the children’s section of the Barnes & Noble clapped when she read new pieces featuring familiar characters like Little Bo Peep and the lady who lived in a shoe.

I was overjoyed to see this amazing rendition of America’s greatest living poet on Brickshelf:

I love the nose, and the red hair is spot-on! I hope the Nobel Prize committee gets their act together and gives Goose the award she deserves for a lifetime of commitment to breaking new ground in contemporary poetry.

Update (April 2): April Fools!

2 comments on “Mother Goose

  1. Von Goyle

    What the Nobel community should take the time to recognize is the silent poetry illustrated through the use of non-restricted bricks. For what noble arms and legs are visited upon us when the brick is free to sway to and fro? I give you, Community of Nobels, Mother Goose rises in full studded glory!

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