It’s worthy of Lloyd Frank Wright.

This outstanding piece of architecture belongs in a museum! The use of color and total disregard for conventional walls really gives this piece that extra special flair. I love it! 5/5!

Update (April 2): April Fools!

4 comments on “It’s worthy of Lloyd Frank Wright.

  1. Dunechaser

    No, really, Lloyd Frank Wright — Frank Lloyd Wright’s lesser known cousin. L.F. Wright was not nearly as commercially successful as his sell-out cousin, but gained a certain reputation for his colorful, seemingly misshapen buildings. Nice find, Josh!

  2. Von Goyle

    I like to be the smartest man in the room, but as it is, Dunechaser has command of the facts and after much Googling, I can confirm his report.
    Adding to… Frank Lloyd Wright was so restricted in his art due to a fascination with Lincoln Logs. Poor sap.

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