Dühnlist automaton by Jamie Spencer

Jamie “Morgan19” Spencer is on quite a roll with his custom steampunk creations. Sure, Jamie uses paint to achieve some of the gold coloring, but it’s so darn shiny and cool that even purists have got to give these beauties a closer look. :-D

His most recent creation is a firefighting robot titled “Dühnlist, Flameward of the Deutsches Reich”:

The requisite Morgan19 schematic:

Finally, BuySteampunk.com is holding a contest in which you can actually win a copy of Jamie’s Kriegerhund . The site also has a great interview with Jamie as well.

4 comments on “Dühnlist automaton by Jamie Spencer

  1. Mike


    Yet another masterpiece…has LEGO offered you a job yet?

    And to everybody else who has considered entering our contest, the submission deadline for artwork is 4/30 so get drawing!


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