Fictional Industrial

The average LEGO mecha we feature here are heavily armed, anthropomorphous robots. In other words, they tend to stand on two legs and go “pew! pew!” As much as I’m a fan of Gundam-inspired mecha, it’s nice to take a break and think about what mecha might really be like in the future — the blue-collar workbots of the space docks and maglev yards.

To that end, Izzo presents his “Sci-Fi Industrial Mecha Competition“.

Here’s one example from Izzo’s own repertoire — a railroad bot:

Okay, this one’s bipedal, but still a great example of a construction mecha:

Although Izzo is only accepting contest entries from builders over the age of 19 in Japan, that doesn’t mean you can’t take his contest as a challenge and build something cool yourself. Even if it’s not for a prize, I for one think the world could use more rail-laying, cargo-hauling, sewer-cleaning, reactor-scrubbing mecha.

To get you started, here’s Izzo’s great list of inspirational links:

Izzo gives Izmojuki a LEGO makeover:

Who needs prizes to motivate you when the end result can be this cool? Get building!