6 comments on “Deadly Killbot

  1. Morgan19

    I read it as saying it’s different from the majority of designs, which tend to be bipeds, not that it actually is one.


  2. Ty

    No I think he means, There’s a lot of bi-peds, and you don’t see ones like this often.

    I think it’s great! The torso conection is baffling me! I like the sort of tilted back torso thing… Nice gun!

  3. Repoort

    “Andrew’s latest work takes on an innovative mech design that’s not often seen among the myriad of bipeds out there.”

    The context specifies that it’s the “innovative mech design” that isn’t seen among today’s bipeds. Not the fact that it has three wheels.

  4. Potsticker

    I love the top, and I love the bottom, but the two just don’t seem to go together very well. Maybe it’s just the (perceived) effectiveness of a humanoid torso on a trike base.

    That being said, the trike would look badass without the torso on it and the torso would similarly be boss with some proper legs.

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