Leap of faith from Assassin’s Creed

Justin Stebbins reconstructs a depiction of one of those memorable moments from the video game Assassin’s Creed when Altair takes the leap of faith from a high vantage point. I estimate the tower to measure somewhere around or over two feet. I hope the hay pile is packed nice and fluffy.

8 comments on “Leap of faith from Assassin’s Creed

  1. lalabox

    Actually, the joke is that the cart has got rocks in it. If you read his website, you’ll find that he isn’t a particually huge fan of some of the decisions that they made when making Assasin’s Creed.

  2. Saber-Scorpion

    Yeah, it was a pretty good game overall though – better than a lot of games. I’m just picky/negative like that. :P And yes, the height is about 28 inches tall.

  3. willzinator

    omg! that is the sickest lego ive ever seen!!! and does anyone know where i can get assassins creed lego from?? please tell please please please!!

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