Your one-way ticket to midnight

Keith Goldman presents his latest giant diorama, which depicts a solitary sector of the neo-Japanese urban industrial graveyard. As you can see from that string of adjectives, there’s no definite word to describe the genre that Keith builds in, which always makes his works refreshing and inspiring. The entire scene has a strange ambience that vibrates in a low droning frequency through your inner guts. It’s very trippy.

For the lyrical smack, hear it on MOCpages.

4 comments on “Your one-way ticket to midnight

  1. Rocko

    Man, they need to grab Keith up as a conceptual designer for scifi movies. He’s that good.

    This is amazingly awesome. It looks like it should be in an anime.

  2. Fred

    Wonderful. Really different to see the scene change from image to image. Typically he builds a static model and various parts of the story are told from one section to the next. Here he’s actually moving objects about to build the story.

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