The crazy steampunk machine

Jamie “Morgan19” Spencer‘s first venture into steampunk resulted in a beast of a machine called the Dardenbahst, Workhorse of the Deutsches Reich. The most appealing parts of this model are the custom spray painted metallic gold parts (using Krylon’s metallic gold spray) and the detailed mechanisms that suggest functional form. The minifigs too deserve a closer look for their unique decals.

As usual, there is the accompanying signature m19 schematic from the talented graphic designer.

32 comments on “The crazy steampunk machine

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  3. connor

    That is a really cool machine if that is what it is!!!!! It really inspired me and made me want to work HARDER on my lego building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Morgan19

    Wow! Thanks for all the kind comments, folks– I had no idea this guy would be so popular, but that certainly makes me happy! :)

    I’ve got to throw a shoutout to just about every builder on Brickshelf who’s ever worked in steampunk, as well. Since I hadn’t built within this theme before and it was more than a little intimidating, I spent a *long* time just soaking in all the steampunk creations there and getting a feel for what’s what before launching into my own take on it.

    I’m really glad the brass bits stand out as one of the best parts. Steampunk seems to be firmly rooted in the black/brown/grey” school of building so I wanted to try doing something different, and to be honest in all the steampunky sources I’ve seen (like my favorite, Steamboy), what really stands out to me are the machinery bits and the shiny golden metallics, so that was an overriding goal when I was building.


  9. Missy

    This is some inspiring work! A lot of steampunk gets crazy and has a tendency to be overdone with extra attachments/add-ons… this is right on.
    Seems like you added just the right amount of attachments – Nicely done.

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