Sharp Indy 4 Pics

To avoid inadvertently posting spoilers, I will merely link to the page with the awesome new Indiana Jones 4 LEGO sets.  But trust me, the risk of spoiling Indiana Jones and the Crystal of the Crystal Skull is well worth drooling over the LEGO.

EDIT (AB): I’ll just add a belated thanks to Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo for sending us a link to his post this morning (when we were still having technical difficulties). This was the first thing I was going to blog when I got home from work, but Nathan beat me to it. ;-) Oh, and I’ll add the cool banner because it’s just too awesome.

5 comments on “Sharp Indy 4 Pics

  1. David

    7624 Jungle Duel is an awesome set! Look at all the cool swords and guns, and this and that. Plus the new ants and a banana.

    7625 River Chase is a cool set, but seems overpriced.

    7626 Jungle Cutter also seems overpriced. The trees look terrible, the cave is alright, but the cutter itself is amazing.

    7627 Temple of the Crystal Skull… That thing has over 900 pieces?! Sheesh… Any why are the walking undead blue headed?

  2. Ty

    Yeah, those heads area a weird shape… Can anyone else tell what they are?

    Cool sets! I’ll likely get the small one. Lot’s of good parts!

  3. Bruce N H

    Cool! Thanks for the better pictures.

    7624 – Wow, we hadn’t seen this one before, right? This is definitely the value of the bunch. At a low price point you get 3 key (I assume the other two are key, I’ve avoided reading the plot details) figs, including two new hairpieces, five blade weapons (great for us castle fans), two of the new ants, a tent, new printed tile. Also, that’s a simple but effective little campfire design that I’ll have to borrow.

    7265 – Hmm, Russian sniper enjoying his morning coffee. This set is pretty meh, IMO. The vehicle design is nice, but I really hate that windshield. They really should have gone with something like this. I guess this is a fairly cheap way to acquire soldier figs. Also the new Hermione/princess hair in black. Rifles for those who don’t have them (I collected much of the Wild West line, so this is less crucial to me).

    7626 – Along with the tent set, this is probably the one to get for me. Not for the vehicle design, which is fairly silly (though I can certainly imagine how those spinning blades will work their way into an exciting scene in the movie), but for the masses of dark green, all the different foliage, tank treads, ants, gun, and three soldiers. As I noted before, simple but effective shoulder-launched missile design.

    7627 – Huge meh. If you can get the key figs from a ten dollar set, there’s nothing left to this one except Bricklinking the native figs. If you’re excited by the soldier, you could get six for the same price by getting multiples of the smaller sets. The temple thing is really lame. Still no idea what’s going on with those skelly heads.

  4. Sibley

    Lots of excitement here! The sand green soldiers are cool, and the dark orange (?) natives. What I’m wondering: why all the guns in the River Chase all have things clipped to them, and what the heck is on those skeletons’ heads?! Also I think it’s pretty cool that they have a CCCP sticker.

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