London Calling

London Imperial Shuttle

The highly unique thwaak provides us with a very original entry to the FBTB Steam Wars contest. In his own words he ‘tried for something more sophisticated looking; something that looks … like priviledged Victorian life’ and I think he succeeded admirably. My disappointing suspicion is that it won’t do so well due to its lack of cliched, steampunk stereotypes but it’s a winner in my books. EDIT: I wrote the previous sentence believing that the contest was a public vote rather than judged and would like to extend my apologies to the judges for appearing to insult them.

4 comments on “London Calling

  1. Dez

    To me, this works very well. The rebel ships we’ve seen are the rusty, grungy, brown and gray cobbled together ships. The Imperials get the smooth and clean ships.

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