Homeworld: Vaygr Bomber

After a year of work in progress, Adrian Florea finally completed his magnificent Vaygr Bomber from the game Homeworld 2. The picture below is not a digital rendering, but an actual model measuring 75 studs long and built in minifig scale!

9 comments on “Homeworld: Vaygr Bomber

  1. Debaser

    That’s amazing, Homeworld plus Lego was just meant to be. I’ve always wanted to do the Mothership from Homeworld, but lack the pieces.

  2. Carter

    I really hope that this makes gizmodo or some such. I think it ties the Porphyrion for sheer awesomeness, though for different reasons.

  3. Olog

    Thanks Nannan! Just that I completely re-built this in 5 days ..I would never have the patience to build the same thing for one year.

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