The last tree on Earth

Shannon Young depicts a scene preserving the last tree on Earth, attended to by a faithful and solitary robot caretaker. What could you make of the meaning of this? Neither the creator nor I seem to have a clear idea.

10 comments on “The last tree on Earth

  1. David

    I take it as that we killed ourselves, and worse the planet itself. This one last tree is being taken care of by our children, the AI. They have taken our place but really do care about the Earth, unlike humans, who destroyed everything because of something silly.

  2. Preda

    Reminds me of Silent Running,too…a great movie in my opinion,and I think that it could have been the inspiration for this.Looks great and also makes you think..

  3. Robert Gurskey

    Also reminds me of the sf novel City by Clifford D. Simak. Actually if you look at the 1000steine photos in VW post, you’ll see something even more like Silent Running.

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