Retro Spaceman by Kotaro Ono

Kotaro Ono’s blog How Many Studs to LEGOLAND? is one of my favorite LEGO blogs, where I can keep up with everything that’s happening in the Japanese LEGO fan community.

But Kotaro, who also goes by Earl_0 online and はくしゃく (“Hakushyaku”) in Japanese, is also a really great builder. I featured his retro space creations way back in March 2006.

His latest retro space creation takes advantage of the two-piece goldfish bowl helmet from the Sandy Cheeks minifig in one of the new SpongeBob SquarePants sets.

3 comments on “Retro Spaceman by Kotaro Ono

  1. JimmytheJ

    Hmm… maybe I should get me a couple of those… but it’d need to be from bricklink, I don’t think I could live down owning a whole spongebob set, unless the parts were amazing…

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