More Indy set pics and Speed Racers too!

Eurobricks always has pictures of new sets long before they’re out. Here’s a gallery of some of the new Indiana Jones sets and Speed Racers too. I am already loving the temple and the windshield piece on the racers.

8 comments on “More Indy set pics and Speed Racers too!

  1. David

    That’s the $90 IJ set? That is terrible! Anyone remember the last Adventure temple set? That was $90 and is an amazing set.

    Everything else looks very nice. New spider pieces? And the dark tan and green are awesome, and the sand green minifigures! Nice! :)

  2. theestampede

    I’m curious as to why speed doesn’t have a visor. He has one on his helmet in the cartoon. Maybe they forgot to put it into that picture or its so clear it doesn’t show up in the image. oh well if it doesn’t have one im adding one. also the temple set has some cool pieces. I could def use those but I prob wont get that set. some of the other indy sets will have to do

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