Cruising down Route 66

Known as Noddy on Brickshelf, Karwik is synonymizing his name with realistic and stylish minifig bikes. His recent designs only reinforce his mastery of the subject. Check out Noddy’s Silver Shark and M72 Bobber backdropped by a well built gas station.

4 comments on “Cruising down Route 66

  1. Max

    My favorite is the one with the woman, I would say you have put some pieces that arent yoused a lot to good use. =)

  2. Hawk

    I like his gas stations too; they make a good backdrop for his bikes. I’m quite fond of the Silver Shark, even the cut tubing (!) looks good.

  3. Dunechaser

    It’s nice to see Noddy build something other than the bikes themselves — not that the bike’s aren’t awesome!

    Hawk, I heard somewhere that you can buy that type of tubing from LEGO for the express purpose of cutting to suit the necessary length for building TECHNIC models. If LEGO intends them to be used that way, I don’t see a problem, from a “purist” perspective, with cutting them. ;-)

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