The Arvo brothers scare me sometimes....

Check out Calypso by Arvo.

12 comments on “The Arvo brothers scare me sometimes....

  1. steven marshall

    I absolutely love this model, for me it is their best work to date, even my girlfriend is impressed and she is not into Lego at all. It is beautifully ornate, the imagination, scale and the use of colour stand this model apart……..excellent work as always.

  2. Unit 186

    Nice! I hadn’t originally noticed but when I looked again the figure at the bottom is surprisingly scary, covered in flowers and all.

  3. jedimasterwagner

    does this look fake to anyone else? (i mean, not that it’s a bad thing!) I have a suspicion that ARVO builds in virtual LEGO and that his (their?) renders are so close to real that no one ever questions it. I think it’s a render for several reasons, but more importantly, does anyone know this Arvo person (persons?)? I would love to talk to them about their amazing photorealistic rendering techniques!

  4. Nannan

    It’s not a render, they just know how to photograph really well. I’ve seen an article about them on Brickjournal.

  5. Josh Post author

    Nope, not a render. Arvo is two spanish brothers. There was an article about them in Brick Journal 7. They do some renders to figure out the basic construction of their MOCs, then they build for real, from what I understand.

  6. jedimasterwagner

    oh ok, my mistake. I guess those mirrored floors and bluish shadows look like some of the radiosity add-ons that can be done in POV-Ray. These guys must then have a huge (and multi-colored) collection of LEGO, keep their LEGO very clean and spotless, and like you say, photograph really well! hats off to them.

  7. Josh Post author

    @Someone – A creation like this decides what categories that it wants to be in. If it says that it belongs in the Pirate category, I’m not going to stand in its way! ;)

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