News: Photos of 2008 impulse purchase sets

Haven’t you ever walked up to the checkout at a grocery store or toy store, looked at all the really terrible, cheaply made toys that are supposed to attract your attention and wished “Why couldn’t these be LEGO instead?! I want minifigs! With accessories!” Well, I have, and my wish has come true! Hurray!

I can’t wait for 2008!

(Via How Many Studs to LEGOLAND.)

12 comments on “News: Photos of 2008 impulse purchase sets

  1. Lupinicon

    WOW, these little sets are very nice and now I can make some GOOD knight minifigs! The rest is also nice :)

  2. Lolman251

    I WANT THEM ALL! *slobbers over monitor*

    They actually have one from every major new theme! Hope to see Exo-Force and AquaRaiders Impulse sets as well! :D

  3. Lord_Of_The_LEGO

    Dude…minifig armies! I’m digging the two castle packs (Majisto just got re-imagined!) and the police set with the dog – at last, my dream of a cheap source of dogs for a sleddog team can come true!

  4. Philip of Locksley

    I’m digging the spruced up Merlin very much! Bring on 2008 with these and the new Castle and Indiana Jones sets!

  5. David

    Too bad the City sets are very “been there, done that”. i was hoping the trash pickup guy would have the cool tan shirt and not the same old orange thing.

    The Wizard is awesome through, a must buy for sure.

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