I don’t know what it is, but it’s cool...

Nannan Z (aka a-tree) has built yet another mindbender.

9 comments on “I don’t know what it is, but it’s cool...

  1. D. Morrow

    It looks like the little prince in old age after he returned to asteroid B-612 (on the rocket) to find his rose intact, and the place overrun with a baobab tree!!

  2. Lego Shark

    No, No, No. That “tree” is clearly fish with the tentacles of a parasitic squid creaure. that wizard man arie just as an explosive went of, and while he was still in spae, the rock was blasted up nto space, where they collided. the parasite that is in the iant fish is now trying to attck his ship. the flower is an alien.

    You guys hav no idea how to analyze a REAL peice of art like this. :roll:

    Good one, Nannan!

  3. Ty

    It’s an Anachronism. The unstable blend of the future and the past, hence the rocket hitting the ancient tree. Why there is a rock and an old guy with a flower… I dunno.

  4. Nannan

    I love all these interpretations, but as the creator of this work, I say that Ty has the most accurate guess of it’s meaning. The title says a lot.

  5. D. Morrow

    Actually, I was referring to Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s classic children’s book titled “The Little Prince”. But since the creator has chimed in I will take his word that there is no connection. The title, and lack of a chair to watch the sunsets, should have clued me in to the real meaning of the work.

  6. Ty

    Heh heh, yeah I know. I read the description on Brickshelf before I saw it here… Oops. But really, it only said “The Anachronism” or something.

  7. Ty

    Wait! I got the Old Guy and the rock part! It’s an old YELLOW minifig (instead of a flesh colored one) on a BLEY rock, hence another anachronism… I think.

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