“Garden” by Legohaulic

Legohaulic has posted a sweet apocalyptic diorama.

ApocaLego is cool. I gotta try it out…

3 comments on ““Garden” by Legohaulic

  1. smcginnis

    *stares* Awesome. I really like the little tree-stump hut thing; and the machine gun on the roof and the spears on the borders are great. The boiler/stove and the improvised sprinkler are also really nice details.


  2. Dunechaser

    Ty, if you upload your picture to sites like Brickshelf or Flickr (and tag it “LEGO” on Flickr), we’ll see it, and if we like it, we’ll blog it. The Brothers Brick isn’t a general image-hosting site that everyone can upload to.

    You also seem to have your own blog. You should be able to upload a picture to Blogspot, blog it yourself, and then send us a link. Not to sound mean, but again, if we think it’s good enough (we get a lot of submissions!) we’ll blog it too. ;-)

    Happy building!

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