To grow old with Michael Jasper

Okay, maybe not, but the minifig walker is extremely cool (as walkers go):

And I missed this the last time he updated this folder, so here’s a funny scene using the Twoface torso:

5 comments on “To grow old with Michael Jasper

  1. Gambort

    As always Mr Jasper does it beautifully. The painting diorama is quite an old one though. I can’t remember exactly how old but it was made pretty soon after Batman was released from memory.

  2. smcginnis

    Both of these are awesome… but does the title of the first image mean Michael Jasper is old? That could mean less years to come of awesome stuff…. Or not.


  3. mijasper

    Hehe, often enough I feel even more older …
    But the title refers to the oldest rock band in the world – The Zimmers – and their first single, an amazing cover of The Who’s My Generation. The scene was built after reading a corresponding German newspaper article – and the picture was taken in the late evening right before sundown …


    Btw, I was born in 1960.

  4. smcginnis


    Hey, I’ve been wondering, what piece did you use for Pinocchio’s head? I can’t find it anywhere online.


  5. mijasper

    Well, I’m not quite happy with him/it due to the fact that today – lots of (different) LEGO parts later, thousands of Euro poorer but much more experienced – I’m sure enough that Pinocchio’s head is definitely a non-LEGO part.
    But when I created the figure in early 2005 that piece came into use in good faith: Still a LEGO newbie I came across it in one of my children’s LEGO boxes while I was looking for a Technic Figure Hand (which can be used alternatively, even though it doesn’t look the same).


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