Nathan Proudlove’s Blacktron II

Those of you who saw pictures from BrickFest the weekend before last will have noticed the six-foot-long ship dominating the Space display.

Safely back home across the northern border, Nathan Proudlove presents the Blacktron II:

Yes, the hull is made from regular bricks. It’s just so big that they can curve (a technique more familiar to castle builders).

I love the stern:

4 comments on “Nathan Proudlove’s Blacktron II

  1. Nathan Proudlove

    Hey guys, thanks for the shout-out. Seriously, the response has been overwhelming. Cheers!

  2. M-Tron_Man

    I my be a big M-Tron fan but I got to say that is the coolest thing have ever seen…. for now:). You have inspired me to Make a M-Tron Mining ship and it is going to be the pride of the M-Tron fleet. Big enough for the Multi Core Magnitizer and everything. Look out Blacktron here I come: ). (Seriously I do love the ship)

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