News: Launches

Eurobricks has had a thriving LEGO Pirates forum for some time now, but the Pirates theme has lacked a Web presence of its own since the demise of But ahoy! What’s this? Behold the new

To quote the announcement on the main page:

The booming success of Eurobrick’s Pirate LEGO® Forum has prompted the development of this website to cater to the interests of Pirate LEGO enthusiasts.

The discussion forums will apparently remain on Eurobricks for the time being (which is probably a good thing — splitting the community doesn’t always work). Head on over to to read the full announcement. Arrrr!!!

2 comments on “News: Launches

  1. smcginnis

    This is great. While I visit Eurobricks but rarely, the pirate forum is really great there. All we need now is a Classic-Town and a Classic-Train (and a Classic-Galidor, and a Classic-Belville, etc. :P)!


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