Celebrating all the bugs, creatures and beasts of space!

Over at Classic-Space, Taylor and Lukas is hosting a creature contest. The contest is easy to enter – the categories are divided by piece count, so everyone should be able to whip up something within the limits of their collection. The categories are as follows:

Bug: 2-12 pieces
Creature: 13-25 pieces
Beast: 26-60 pieces

So far there have been several nice entries with very innovative parts usages. Look for instance at Matt Hamann’s Ice Scarab:

Or Nick Dean’s Gnawer:

Adrian Drake’s Skitter Slug:

Arpy’s Broodspawn:

Aidan O Deligh’s Ankleshredder:

Or my own Spunk:


There are several more entries, and likely many more to come. I look forward to see a complete list of entries from or hosts. The creature contest ends at February 13, so there is still time for everyone to build and enter their own little critter. Get to it!

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