MadCat BattleMech by DARKspawn

Brickshelfer DARKspawn may be better known for his many castle creations, but his “MadCat BattleMech” inspired by Battletech and MechWarrior isn’t half bad either:

Nice use of the Catwoman torso for the pilot.

3 comments on “MadCat BattleMech by DARKspawn

  1. Some Random Guy

    Wow. What set did you use, because it looks perfect. It’s like there was an actual MechWarrior Lego set. Or maybe there was?

  2. wily duck

    Wow, great job. Any chance of integrating mindstorms into this? I’ve tried this task once, got the lower half sorta done but couldn’t sustain correct force to the legs.

    Beautiful work!

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