News: Prototype Sets Shown at Fan Event in Germany

Remember when LEGO asked fans what kind of classic car we’d like to see in a collector’s set?

Well, LEGO Ambassador Stephen Sander announced on LUGNET (via Based on a True Story and How Many Studs to LEGOLAND?) that The LEGO Company displayed several prototypes at an event held in Frechen, Germany.

Ford Mustang:

Aston Martin:


(Note the fusion power thingie on the back, making this the car from Back to the Future. For licensing reasons, I doubt the production version will include this little detail, but it’s still very cool.)

Volkswagen (classic) Beetle:

Finally, here’s the text of an announcement about a completely new (potential) product line displayed at the event:

In April we will launch a big Modular Building. Product will be announced in Brick Journal March issue. What type of building would you like to see as a LEGO product? Which one of the buildings shown do you prefer?

Check out Stephen’s LUGNET announcement for links to all three pictures, but here’s my favorite, a hotel:

5 comments on “News: Prototype Sets Shown at Fan Event in Germany

  1. minifig

    That’s a lot of amazing models for one post! I love all of the cars, although I’ve seen better deloreans. The Mustang looks great, and I think out of the buildings, I like the bank best…

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  3. Clint

    I was wondering if you had some more pictures or could take some more pictures of the delorean and mustang? thanks

  4. Andrew Post author

    Clint, this post is nearly two years old. Brothers Brick contributors did not build these models or take the photos. Thanks for asking so nicely, but I’m afraid we can’t help.

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