Contest: Junker bandits build off!

And while we’re on the subject of contests, Mike Yoder (fantastic builder, by the way) has recently announced that he is hosting a contest: to build your very own junker ship! The full thing can be read in a post on flickr, but here is the gist to get you hooked:

Nomadic thieves steal parts from unattended spacecraft in far-off spaceports to piece together their fighters. They scavange battle fields in deep space for debris to integrate into their fleet. Their ships are lumpy, mismatched, rusty, and lethal! Don’t be fooled by the chewing gum and paperclips that appear to hold them together! They prove to be more than a worthy adversary in battle, having pirated the best technologies of all the races and factions that explore space. If you see them in the skies above you, know that you are in the wrong part of town!

So get your mind set on junker bandits, and build people! The contest deadline is January the 2nd 2007, so you have plenty of time to make sure YOUR entry is the awesomest of all! :-)

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