Breakfast at the Bellevue LEGO Store

Got up at 6:45 this morning so I could be sure and make it to the Bellevue LEGO Store by 8:00 for a special event for NWBrickCon attendees.

I think everybody ignored the food for the first hour, concentrating on unique Pick-a-Brick items, including build-your-own minifig bins. Any combination of five minifig parts (torso+head=1) was $1.99, or $1.59 with our 20% convention discount.

I hope I don’t give LEGO Star Wars fans a collective myocardial infarction by saying I picked up several yellow slave Leia minifigs (minus ponytail) for $1.59 each. Sweet!

Now I’m headed downtown for the rest of day 1. More tonight…

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