Dream Houses at Brickfest

If you think about it, every LEGO model builder is an architect in their own way. Minifig-scale house builders are no exception. Check out these various houses built by LEGO Frank Lloyd Wrights. Special thanks to Bill Ward for taking pictures.

Calum Tsang’s Sweep Building, built for a train layout, is subtley curved to fit around a track. I really like how the rectangular tan section compliments and contrasts the the organically curving gray section. And is that Joe Vig I spot in there?

J. Michael Collace* puts ornate Bellevile arches to good use with his French Quarter Bourbon**. This creation shows how much life some minifigs can bring to a creation.

*The image cuts off after the “e” on Collace, so there might be more to his name.
**The image cuts off after “Qu,” but I’m pretty certain it’s meant to be “Quarter.”

I’ve already featured Taylor Plazak’s New Dreams on Unique Brique Techniques because of the curved roof, but I can’t resist featuring it here, too. I just really like how this building looks. The colors really compliment each other, and the near studlessness gives this creation a futuristic look. I wish I could live in a house like that.