Project Divinity wants YOU!

Here ye, here ye! A group of brickfilmers, including Lewis Chen, award-winning director of the film Repent, Zach Macias, 3rd place winner in the Fame, Infamy and Glory contest, and myself, 2nd place winner in the Fame, Infamy and Glory contest, have gotten together and begun a community project code-named Project Divinity. We are seeking better-than-average stop-motion animators, digial model builders (good with Ldraw), and voice talents. For more information, please go here, or check out the Project Divinity website. Those especially interested in voice acting should check out this thread.

Here is a synopsis:

Joel is a shy young man. When his student film becomes a success, he defies his parents’ wish for him to become a lawyer and pursues his dreams in film making. With the inspiration of a mysterious woman, he rises to fame in the film industry. But then, at the peak of his career, Joel’s life goes awry when he suddenly loses inspiration. With his job on the line, Joel must go on a world-wide journey of a lifetime to regain that to him was so precious.

This is your chance to be a part of a monumental project, so don’t hesitate if interested!