“Udon-Making” by Sugegasa

Continuing from mumu’s wife’s “Kitarou,” Sugegasa recently posted a new entry, a vignette called “Udon-Making.” (Notice how the U in “Kitarou” carries over to the U in “Udon-Making?” Not all of them work in English like this, but this is a rare example of one that does.)

For those of you who haven’t had Japanese food lately, udon is a type of Japanese noodle made from wheat. (Soba is made from buckwheat.) Udon is generally served in a broth, with seafood, meat, or vegetables, although my favorite is cold udon you dip into a sauce, with various garnishes.

Udon is made by rolling out the dough, folding it over, repeating this process several times, and then cutting the dough into the noodles. Udon shops often feature a window where you can see the udon cook making fresh noodles. (One of my fondest memories is of the udon shop that occupied the first floor of the English school where my dad’s church met. I spent many hours overlooking the main street of Himeji, with the world-famous Himeji Castle dominating the end of the street.)

What I like about this vignette is that Sugegasa captures the rolling pin and dough perfectly, with just two simple pieces. The overall color scheme makes the minifig stand out nicely, though I’m not sure what Peter Pettigrew is doing… ;-)